12D Lets Go Chasing Aurora Norway + Lofoten Island

Exclusive Tour

Embark on an extraordinary journey through Norway and Lofoten Islands. Roam through snowy landscapes on a personal snowmobile at the King Crab Safari, experience enchanting 2-night stays on Lofoten Islands, and discover the captivting charm of Reine, one of Norway's most picturesque villages. Unveil the beauty of Norway's diverse landscapes in an unforgettable adventure.

From $6,399$7,399per person

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12D Aurora Sweden,finland & Norway (R)

ExperiencesExclusive Tour

Embark on an extraordinary Northern Light Tour where the surreal dances of the aurora await you. With 7 opportunities to witness this celestial spectacle, your journey includes a night's stay in a luxurious Deluxe Glass Igloo with a private sauna for unparalleled comfort. Spend another night at the exquisite Grand Arctic Lodge, immersing yourself in Arctic beauty. Glide through snow-covered landscapes abroad the Arctic Train to Narvik. Guided by an expert tour manager equopped with cameras, this is your chance to capture the magic of the Northern Lights in its full glory!

From $6,699$7,699per person

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13D Aurora Finland,norway & Sweden

ExperiencesExclusive Tour

Join us on an unforgettable adventure with out 13 Days tour designed to give you the ultimate Lapland experience with 8 chances to catch northern lights, while having plenty of time to explore the unique culture and landscapes of Finland, Norway, and Sweden with free upgrade 2 nights glass resort stay throughout the tour.

From $6,199$7,199per person

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