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8D6N Wuhan Zhangjiajie Phoenix Town

From $899.50$1,899.50per person

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8D Let's Go Xi'an

From $1,399$2,399per person

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8D Let's Go Gansu

From $1,499$2,499per person

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9D7N Let Go Inner Mongolia

From $1,299$2,299per person

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6D Let's Go Hainan Island

From $888$1,888per person

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10D Let’s Go Aurora Lapland, Finland, Norway & Glass Igloo

Best SellerExperiencesFamily HolidayExclusive TourCouple

Experience the magic of Aurora Lapland with free Wi-Fi in all hotels. Enjoy 7km Husky sledge, horse sledge, reindeer sledge, snowmobile activities, and a dedicated Tour Manager with a camera.

From $5,699$6,699per person

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10D Let’s Go Wuhan + Zhangjiajie

ExperiencesFamily HolidayCouple

Explore Hunan's wonders: Yellow Crane Tower, Dongting Lake, Jingzhou, Liuye Lake, Fenghuang Town, Furong Town, Tianmen Mountain, Zhangjiajie National Forest, Baofeng Lake, and cultural performances await!

From $1,199$1,999per person

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10D8N Let’s Go Changsha

Family HolidayExclusive TourGatewayExperiences

Explore China's wonders: Liuye Lake's serene beauty, Three Gorges' majestic cruise, Guizhou's rugged Grand Canyon, Fenghuang's ancient charm, Tianmen Mountain's thrilling adventures, and Wulingyuan's breathtaking landscapes await.

From $1,299$2,299per person

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10D Let's Go Belle Italy + Southern Italy

Explore Italy's vibrant capital, birthplace of Margherita pizza, Pompeii's ancient ruins, Sorrento's citrus groves, Amalfi Coast's beauty, Sirmione's lakeside charm, Rome's historic landmarks, Siena's medieval allure, Pisa's iconic tower, Venice's artistry, and Milan's cultural gems.

From $1,799$2,999per person

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LGE Travel Singapore was set up by experienced travel professionals, whom are passionate about European & Scandinavian destinations and always ready to share our love for that region with our customers. To modern travellers nowadays, travelling is all about experiences; the opportunity to experience different cultures, take in the sights, and expand horizons & knowledge and most importantly, the opportunity to meet new people.

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