Corporate (MICE)

At LGE MICE, every trip is planned to perfection by experienced travel professionals with customer satisfaction being our top priority.
Your one-stop for all your travel needs.

We professionally organize for

Individual / private tour

LGE MICE handles individual or group private tours, be it for an intimate trip with your family or friends. Be assured that you will be able to leverage the experience of a well-trained team of experienced tour leaders. We will make sure your tour is tuned to perfection.

Company Incentive Trip

Want to boost morale and reward your staff? LGE MICE can help you plan unforgettable trips that make your business associates, teams and employees feel cherished and valued. Every moment in the incentive travel trip is tailor-made for maximum enjoyment, to improve relationships and teamwork, and ultimately benefit productivity.

Events Planning (local / overseas)

With our superb selection of destinations and network of event experts, we can offer a range of activities to coincide with your group's schedule and objectives. At LGE MICE, you are guaranteed the opportunity to experience different cultures, take in the sights, expand your horizons & knowledge, and most importantly, meet new people.

Special interest (Adventurous / Hiking / Bicycle / Gourmet/ Golf)

Based on your interests, we will scour the planet to bring your tour to life in any and every corner of the world. If you are looking for something adventurous or a gourmet food trip, we'll work with you to create the perfect tour, giving you the best value for money while making travel fun and memorable.

Elderly Travel (slow pace)

We take pride in ensuring that each and every individual has the opportunity to experience an exceptional journey full of surprises and extraordinary moments. Even for the elderly, LGE MICE is always ready to provide you with an enhanced experience at your desired pace.

Student Tour (Installment scheme)

At LGE MICE, we always strive to have new experiences and routing to destinations to provide you with the most interesting, innovative, unique, and enjoyable activities. LGE MICE also has an installment scheme in place for students so that you can enjoy your leisure trip with peace of mind.

Family Fun

Reduce the hassle of planning with LGE MICE! With a team of dedicated travel specialists, we live to make your family vacation dreams a reality. We'll take care of your every desire with all the checkboxes ticking along nicely.

Religious (pilgrimage tour)

Everything is managed from end to end. We can connect you with the preferred hotel suppliers across the globe to provide you with the best hospitality setting. We collaborate with you and carefully develop a program for your tour experience.

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LGE Travel Singapore was set up by experienced travel professionals, whom are passionate about European & Scandinavian destinations and always ready to share our love for that region with our customers. To modern travellers nowadays, travelling is all about experiences; the opportunity to experience different cultures, take in the sights, and expand horizons & knowledge and most importantly, the opportunity to meet new people.

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