10/9D Let’s Go Guangzhou, Zhangjiajie & Fenghuang Ancient Town Journey

Family HolidayExperiencesCouple

Explore ancient Fenghuang Town with Shawan Diaojiao Lou and local Miao liquor, sail the Tuo River, discover Xiangxi's Miao Village, Furong Town, Zhangjiajie's City Museum, Wulingyuan Park, Tianzi Mountain, and Changsha's vibrant streets.

From $1,199$2,199per person

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10D Let's Go Henan Xian Yunqiu Ice Caves Tours

ExperiencesGatewayFamily HolidayExclusive TourCouple

Explore Henan's treasures at Henan Xian Yunqiu Ice Caves Tours: Henan Museum, Shaolin Temple, Shanxi's Yunqiu Mountain Ice Caves, and Shaanxi's Terracotta Warriors. Uncover ancient wonders in 30-word bliss!

From $1,599$2,599per person

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8D Let's Go Shanghai, Huangshan & Qiandaohu

CoupleFamily HolidayExperiences

Explore the wonders of Henan Xian Yunqiu Ice Caves and beyond: Shanghai's iconic Bund, Qiandao Lake's serene cruise, Huangshan's majestic peaks, Wuyuan's scenic beauty, Tunxi's historic streets, Hangzhou's cultural gems, and Pinghu's natural splendor.

From $1,499$2,499per person

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8D Let's Go New Jiangnan Fairytale Tour

ExperiencesFamily HolidayCouple

Discover the wonders of China with our tour package! From vibrant Shanghai with its iconic landmarks to the tranquil beauty of Tai Hu Lake, Tian Tai's Zen harmony, and the historical richness of Jian De and Hangzhou.

From $1,299$2,299per person

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7D Let's Go Guangdong Gourmet Tour

ExperiencesFamily HolidayCoupleGateway

Discover Guangdong's treasures on our tour! Explore Qingyuan's enchanting Gulongxia, walk the world's first suspended glass platform at Yuntian Boba, savor local delights on Beijing Road, and more!

From $1,099$2,099per person

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8D Let's Go Beijing, Shaanxi, Datong & Shilinxia

ExperiencesGatewayFamily HolidayExclusive TourCouple

Explore Beijing's iconic landmarks with our tour! Visit Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, Wangfujing Street, and more. Experience history, culture, and local charm on this unforgettable journey

From $1,199$2,199per person

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8D7N Let's Go Beijing + Chengde In-depth Tour

Explore iconic landmarks like Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, and the Summer Palace. Traverse historic streets, witness the breathtaking Simatai Great Wall, and experience the charm of Gubei Water Town. Uncover the rich cultural tapestry of Beijing and Chengde in this unforgettable journey.

From $1,199$2,149per person

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9D7N Let’s Go Guangzhou, Zhangjiajie, and Feng Huang Ancient Town Journey

Immerse yourself in the rich culture with visits to Shawan Diaojiao Lou, Miao Village, and landmarks like the Bailong Elevator. Experience the allure of Tianzi Mountain, Yuntaindu Glass Bridge, and the vibrant cityscapes of Changsha and Guangzhou. Unveil the essence of Southern China with this unforgettable adventure.

From $1,399$2,399per person

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