It’s safe; it offers great value; and best of all, it’s beautiful and unique and fun. Here are three reasons to consider Central Europe as a destination for you.

1. Food glorious food.
This area is rich in gastronomic choices that will make any foodie drool—and some of the best beers, wines and liquors in the world. Generally these smaller countries don't produce enough to export so they keep the best for themselve

2. Strong traditions and authentic experiences.
While catching up with modern times, cities like London and Paris still are steeped in tradition, and their people still celebrate local customs and festivals throughout the year. Cobblestone streets and narrow alleyways are fun and easy to navigate, with something unique around every corner. There are still places where the main form of transport is horse and carriage.

3. Landscapes and vistas abound.
The region provides so many different settings that cater to every type of traveler, from breathtaking nature with a variety of national parks, mountains, lakes and seaside to countryside villages and cosmopolitan cities.